Oct. 27th, 2012

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Недавно меня нашли [livejournal.com profile] emc_group, русский Mедицинский центр. Я когда читала их журнал, аж послезилась. Замучилась здесь с американской медицинской системой и так было радостно от того что в России по-крайней мере есть реальные доктора.
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  Никогда не одевалась на Хеллуин, вот решила наконец-то :)
3 в одном = Шеба, Клео и Изис.

  Samuel SaganSamuel Sagan
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"However I have  gotten here, I have plans to be with you.." 

Day before yesterday
Self-Existing Moon day 8,
I thought I will see
But Mayans were wrong,
Not twelve twenty one,
But October 30th.
So, came home empty handed
Took a bath,
Holy, rose water, but mostly tears
You told me, I want to touch you
And put your left hand on my belly
And the right on my thigh
I almost came
But realized that I am just touching
Stood up,
Avalokiteshvara's tears down the drain
Purple towel, white pajamas,
(You have my pale green one with tiny roses)
Then cigarettes, Ohia:
being in love means you are completely broken
then put back together
In Divine Timing?
You are guided by
Power of Free Will
Me too + The Power of Spirit
And birthmarks
On my skin
All but one on the left side
I am telling you all my secrets
what's left after that's all gone I hope to never learn
but if you stick with me you can help me
I'm sure we'll find new things to burn
cause we are proof that the heart is a risky fuel to burn
yeah, we are Truth
that the heart is a risky fuel to burn.

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